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Holly Holm

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We are in a much better situation today. She feels significantly better! We saw her play today and it was SO GREAT to see her out there for her entire game! Thank you SO MUCH for your guidance!

Thank you for your constant support! This is the first race I felt properly fueled before, during and after!

My energy levels are up. I’m recovering faster. And I’m getting injured less frequently. I highly recommend working with Nancy whether you’re training for peak performance goals or exercising to be the healthiest version of yourself.

Working with Nancy has been incredibly rewarding. She has helped me build sustainable nutrition habits, challenged my old food rules, and has taught me to fuel my body and mind with real food and the right balance of supplementation. I feel more nourished and ready for every aspect of my life.

Based on my specific needs, Nancy crafted weekly meal plans that delivered the nutrition to fuel all the activities I wanted to do. She has taught me so much about important differences in female nutrition needs and has helped me understand the fundamentals, so I’m pretty close to targets even if when I’m off plan.

Post menopause, I needed support to recalibrate how I ate, specifically how to incorporate enough protein to maintain muscle. She taught me how to properly fuel my body to maximize my training while educating me on how to make long-term healthy choices. Nancy provided me with individualized meal plans, explanations of nutrient benefits, and shopping lists that were specific to my personal training and diet preferences. The recipes were delicious, not overly complicated (I’m no chef), and provided the variety I was lacking.

Nancy shares her deep understanding of performance nutrition science in a professional and personable manner. She has supported me in achieving higher levels of energy, less muscle-soreness, and an overall better sense of wellbeing and health.

In addition to nutrition support, the Nutrify team also provides moral support, always cheering on their athletes and making us feel cared for. I love the Nutrify family and hope to continue working with them for years to come!

Nutrify Performance Nutrition for Women has been an invaluable resource in ensuring I am fueling properly as an elite triathlete.

Nancy prepared each meeting with a comprehensive presentation that distilled a huge amount of information; she took her time to walk me through each aspect of the nutritional assessment and corresponding recommendations and next steps. Her wealth of knowledge is incredible! She always provided prompt answers to my many questions, and would even consult colleagues to provide the best information possible.

Nutrify Performance Nutrition for Women exceeded my highest expectations for sports nutrition coaching! From the initial consultation to nutrition assessment, to personalized meal plans and recipes (and everything in between), the services were thorough and tailored to meet my specific needs.


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