Nutrify Performance Nutrition for Women
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“Rather than focusing on the obstacle in your path, focus on the bridge over the obstacle.”

Mary Lou Retton

Nutrify Performance Nutrition For Women

Our Services

Nutrify Performance Nutrition for Women has two primary service options, both designed to help active women understand their unique energy intake and nutrient needs, including how to optimize for health, training, performance, and recovery.


The FOUNDATIONS package includes an initial assessment and analysis of your nutritional needs, insights on changes that will help improve your health & performance, provides the tools to track and monitor your progress using Cronometer Gold and the support to help determine where to focus first.


Includes all the benefits of the FOUNDATIONS package and includes an updated nutrition assessment, a personalized race week and race day nutrition plan and additional coaching sessions to provide ongoing support you need to reach your goals.

1 Month Package

3 Month Package

Energy Intake Assessment

Macronutrient & Micronutrient Status

Hydration Status

Nutrient Timing Evaluation

Supplement Evaluation

Sample 3-Day Meal Plan & Recipe Packs

Cronometer Gold Subscription

2 Check-In Meetings/Month & Unlimited Email

Race Week & Race Day Nutrition Plan





InsideTracker Biomarker Testing (Discounted)

InsideTracker Results Consultation 

Price upon request


DexaFit Testing (Discounted)

Price upon request

OmegaQuant Biomarker Testing (Discounted)

Price upon request

Coach/Group/Team Education

Price upon request

Ongoing Coaching
For existing clients


Menopause Consultation 


Personalized Meal Plans

3 Day Plan: $150

7 Day Plan: $275


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