Nutrify Performance Nutrition for Women

July 2024 Recipe Pack Release

Race season is in full swing and we are proud to support our athletes with personalized meal plans to help them crush their race goals #fueledisfast. Earlier this month, we created a special edition recipe pack for Team Envision, an all-women’s triathlon team we are proud to sponsor. The recipe pack was designed to incorporate the delicious strawberries in abundance at our local farm stands but also to help team members maximize energy availability in/around exercise, one of the most critical aspects of successfully fueling female athletes.

We are excited to release this special edition recipe pack to you, our valued clients (now available for download, login required). Check out these tasty pre-workout, during and post-workout options to refresh your existing meal plans. All of the recipes contain strawberries but feel free to substitute (it’s almost peak blueberry season). Happy Eating!

As a client of Nutrify, you receive a personalized 3-day meal plan designed to meet your unique energy intake & nutrient needs and dietary preferences and ongoing access to monthly recipe packs (like this one!) with new recipes to add to your meal plan rotation. Schedule a complimentary information call to learn more.


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