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World Menopause Day: FREE Menopause Support Recipe Pack

Today is World Menopause Day! Per the International Menopause Society, the purpose of the day is to raise awareness of menopause and the resources and support options available for improving health and well-being.

To commemorate the day and to help raise awareness of the unique nutritional needs of menopausal women, we are offering a FREE recipe pack designed to provide nutritional support to women in this life stage. This special edition Menopause Support recipe pack includes 24 plant-based & omnivore recipes packed with nutrients that help support our bodies during menopause including:

  • Protein: To help maintain and build lean mass
  • Calcium & Magnesium: To help support bone health
  • Phytoestrogens: To help reduce hot flashes
  • Plant-Based & Omega 3 Fats: To help support heart health & reduce inflammation

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