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New Research Paper: Training & Injury Considerations in Female-Identifying Cyclists

Excited to announce a new research paper “Training and Injury Considerations for Female Identifying Cyclists” recently published in the Journal of Women’s Sports Medicine. I was invited to collaborate on the paper with cycling medicine MD, Dana Kotler and several of her talented colleagues.  The published abstract is below: 

“Alongside the growth of cycling has been a corresponding increase in the proportion of female-identifying cyclists on the roads and trails. Assumptions about anatomic differences have historically inspired specific equipment design for women cyclists, while most of the cycling research has included only male-identifying participants. More recently, the industry has shifted towards a more gender-inclusive design, in line with the heterogeneity seen in cyclists of any gender identity.  There has been research into biomechanical and metabolic differences of female athletes, which can impact female cyclists’ performance and injury risk.  However, women cyclists are not defined solely by their anatomy or physiology. Their experiences, needs, access, and goals must be considered in developing strategies for prevention and rehabilitation of cycling-related injury, as well as training and performance” (Kotler et al, 2023). Read/download the full open-access paper here.

For my clients, readers of the Nutrify blog an/or those who attended my Fueling the Female Athlete Clinic, you likely recognize many of nutritional considerations that were highlighted in this new paper. Some key considerations and evidence-based recommendations* shared in the article include:

  • Make sure you are eating enough for what you are doing!
  • Focus on ensuring you are eating enough protein throughout the day and asap after training
  • Carbohydrates are are important for training adaptation, performance and recovery so ensuring adequate intakes before, during and immediately after training is an important focus.
  • Nutrition assessment in transgender athletes is also discussed given many benchmarks used in determining energy intake requirements, hydration requirements and biomarkers (among many) are sex-specific. Current guidance from the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics on this topic is highlighted.
  • *Many of the recommendations in the paper were based on the recent ISSN Position Stand on Nutritional Concerns of the Female Athlete authored by a team of researchers including Dr. Stacy Sims and Dr. Abbie Smith-Ryan. Their research work is foundational to understanding how female athlete nutrition strategies may need to differ from men! #womenarenotsmallmen Check out my earlier post on the new position stand.

And just wanted to acknowledge & send thanks to my friend, colleague & female athlete researcher extraordinaire, Dr. Katie Schofield who graciously reviewed the paper, provided insightful feedback and cheered me on along the way! Your support is much appreciated!

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