March 2023 Recipe Pack Release

The days are getting longer and the countdown to race season has officially started with less than 7 weeks to the Boston Marathon!

One key area of focus for our athletes is ensuring adequate protein intake throughout the day. We recommend a minimum of 1.6g/kg/day1 which equates to ~100g of protein for a 140lb female athlete. And while protein-packed smoothies are a great option for getting a solid dose of protein (and carbohydrates) after exercise, it’s important to ensure each meal has adequate protein which can be challenging without some planning!

That is why the March recipe pack is all about protein! The new recipe pack contains 7 days of high protein (>20g) breakfast, lunch & dinner options (a total of 21 recipes). Check out the Whipped Peanut Butter Yogurt Bowl and the Black Bean, Tofu and Cilantro Lime Salad! Download the new recipe pack on client page (login required) to get some fresh new meal plan ideas!

Not a client & want to get in on this recipe pack? Register to attend our FREE Fueling the Female Athlete clinic at RACE-MANIA at 11am on March 12 at the BU Fitness & Rec Center in Boston. Clinic attendees will receive this high protein recipe pack and access to special offers for coaching and affiliated services. Be sure to use code: RM2350 to get 50% off the all day RACE-MANIA pass and swing by to see us at the expo to get in on our giveaway contest (no purchase required).

Nutrify can help you with meal planning to meet your nutritional needs. A 3-day sample meal plan is included in all of our nutrition coaching packages or you can select a meal plan only option for 3 days or 7 days with supporting recipes. Schedule a complimentary 15′ call to learn more.


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